The tumor had spread behind his eye. It was looking all red and bulgy and he was miserable. The sore spot on his gum from the tumor was causing a lot of bleeding and he couldn’t groom himself anymore. He started smelling sick even though he was still eating and wanting to go outside.

We had to put Bandha down last night. People kept telling me that we’ll know. He was so miserable yesterday- the pain meds were no longer working.  Together Chris and I brought him to the vet and listened while she told us it was time.

He did not like being held, he hated it. He would sit on us on his own terms. But now he was being held in my arms like a baby. All swaddled and wrapped in a blanket as the sedative kicked in. I couldn’t help but be reminded of holding my dying baby Silas the same way a year and a half ago.

Bandha was the sweetest little kitty. He was aloof and didn’t say much. He poked me in bed when he wanted his food or to go out, but mostly he slept or wanted headrubs. We called him the headrub slut because he’d take one from anyone!

Our friend Sarah called him Dumbo because he had really big ears.  We think his big ears gave him amazing hearing which also made him super skittish. Everyone always commented on how regal and handsome he was. He had a really large big-cat like face and beautiful green eyes.

When he was a kitten I called him Bunnycat because he had really long paws. I knew he was going to be really big- and he was, he weighed 18lbs at his heaviest!

He was about 6 weeks old when I got him on Oct 7, 1999. He lived a wonderful life in his 11 1/2 years and will be sorely missed around here.

RIP Bandha Fluffhead Rosen Gallagher