So I have been nominated to receive a pair of lucky socks to help get me pregnant. Nothing else seems to be working, so if given to me, hell yeah I’ll wear them! So thank you everydaystranger for putting this really sweet gesture out there. You can actually vote for me to get them (that is if you find me most deserving!). Though either way, it’s really cool.

I know I haven’t spoken about our infertility woes in a while. We’re jumping on the IVF train soon, though I think we may keep the details private. I’ll see how I feel with how much I want to share as it gets going . We learned the hard way when we got that false positive on the preg test and told our whole family we were pregnant.  Since then, we’ve kinda kept everything a bit more to ourselves.

I am definitely not a private person, in any way. It’s hard for me to keep all this to myself. I love to share, I find it helpful and healing in so many ways. But on the other hand, it sometimes gets hard when I know so many people are waiting for an answer on a particular day. It’s just too much sometimes. I’m trying to find a balance between sharing enough that helps me (and possibly others), but keeping enough private.

I’ll continue the acupuncture & herbs because it can’t hurt.

As far as the fertility treatments go, we are lucky enough to be able to even consider IVF. We are in one of those states that has a mandate so my health insurance will cover 2.  So yes, I’m thankful for that.